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This is possible thanks to the collaboration of Latino 247 Media Group and Empowering Latino Futures. Both organizations work together to produced various types of content with a Latino focus.

Latino 247 Media Group started in 1996. It offers insightful news on 650+ Hispanic newspapers, magazines, websites in 180 markets across the USA with a combined circulation of 16 million. A key service that has been provided is the 440 readership studies for Latino publications. Also, it has done original research for organizations like the Screen Actors Guild and Disney. 

Empowering Latino Futures (ELF) formerly Latino Literacy Now is a goal-driven organization focusing on education, community building and content issues affecting underserved communities and working with authors. It’s most known programs include the International Latino Book Awards, the Scholarship Directory, and the Latino Book & Family Festivals.

¡Bienvenidos a nuestro sitio web con contenido que empodera!

Este sitio exists gracias a la colaboración de Latino 247 Media Group y Empowering Latino Futures.

Ambas organizaciones trabajan juntas para producir varios tipos de contenido con enfoque en los Latinos.