Latino Reads presents a quality forum where Award Winning Books are presented on a consistent basis. Podcasting is the fastest-growing media in the USA, and is a perfect platform for this type of content.

For people who love books by and about Latinos.

The series follows the story of Katie a young woman that experiences the consequences instigated by those in power.

Based on the award-winning adventure novel Irreversible Damage by JL Ruiz. The series is narrated by actor Micke Gomez.

Para los niños es un video podcast semanal bilingüe que presenta a autores galardonados leyendo sus libros para niños. Con énfasis en libros bilingües y en español.

Los autores presentaran sus episodios de maneras únicas e incluirán lecciones de aprendizaje.

Covering topics such as México economy, goods & services crossing the Méxican/US border, trade agreements, the business life, and interviews that will open your mind to new business possibilities.

This program is presented by Raoul Lowery Contreras. He understands the business.

Hispanic Marketing 101 is a twice monthly audio English language podcast, with interviews on Latino marketing and media trends. 

The first podcast features timely original research related to Latinos and the Corona Virus pandemic. 

This podcast will be presented by Kirk Whisler.

Micrófono Latino es un video podcast en español creado principalmente como un programa de entretenimiento para conocer un poco más sobre cantantes latinos, eventos para latinos, programas educativos para latinos y más.

Presentando música, entrevistas y más…

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