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Hi I’m Raoul Lowery-Contreras and this is the The Contreras Report.

I am the host for these two audio podcasts. 

The Contreras Report: Business México covering topics such as México economy, goods & services crossing the Méxican/US border, trade agreements, the business life, and interviews that will open your mind to new business possibilities.

The Contreras Report: USA covering topics about the Hispanic view of the USA, key points about the Méxican/US border relationship, politics, presidencies, communities, and conversations with leaders that will present a different view of life in the border.

Recent Episodes

115. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

U.S. Supreme Court…Amy Coney Barrett…Presidential polls September 23 -26  in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, , Iowa, Florida…Customs  Border Protection…Minor Mexican child allowed to be operated on then arrested for illegal entry  into the U.S…Enrique Camarena… Donald Trump refuses to promise “peaceful transition” of government…Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany says Trump will recognize a “fair” election…Ballots…Chris Wallace…U.S. Senator Mitt Romney…Armstrong Williams

113. The Contreras Report: BUSINESS MEXICO

Mexican Pandemic dead…60,000…Lopez Obrador says he the second most popular leader in the world…Donald Trump…AMLO mimics Trump on press…Yaqui Indias rebel min Sonora…Farmers rebel in Chihuahua…Amlo’s approval heading south…political corruption reachers President through his brother…Chinese truck maker opens MX plant…IKEA sells Mexican made sofas and mattresses…Stanley Black & Decker opens MX plant…Mexico City plans to spend billions of pesos to create 300,000 jobs in the next 18 months…more Bartlett family corruption…Remittances from the U.S. set new records…Record-setting anthropological finds at new airport construction sire…AMLO slashes budget…State Governors dump AMLO…PEMEX hopeless?

114. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

Armenians…ANCA…Russia smuggling weapons…Violence in Los Angeles…Azerbaijan…Syria…Turkey…John Kerry…Assassinations in Los Angeles…Armenian criminal gangs in Los Angeles…Terrorism in Los Angeles

113. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

Mexico will pay for Wall…President Trump will impose a toll for anyone driving a car or truck entering the U.S. from Mexico…Trump: Boycott American company Goodyear…Private employee 1st Amendment rights…Trump praises conspiracy nuts QAnon…QAnon = Domestic terrorists…Former Trump campaign CEO and Presidential advisor Steve Bannon arrested for defrauding Trump supporting donors…Kamala Harris joins Biden campaign as VP candidate… support by African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos jumps substantially with Harris on ticket…Mitt Romney haters…What has President Trump done for Hispanics and Blacks?

112. The Contreras Report: BUSINESS MEXICO

Mexican Riviera opens up for business…Maya Train switches from 100% diesel to 50% electric…Yaqui Indians of Sonora tangle with government…Former Pemex head under arrest and is telling stories about previous Presidents being corrupt…Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan wonders if “corruption” deflects from President’s failure on handling Pandemic in Mexico…Experts noting charges of corruption haven’t been proven…Constellation Brands, with legal backing from Mexican Bar Association, preparing to fight President Lopez Obrador’s campaign to shut down the 1.4 billion dollar Mexicali brewery the Bar says was illegal…AMLO is having a fit over the challenge…AMLO says the fight is coming from “neoliberals” he will defeat…AMLO says President Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) ran a “narco-state”…Mexico seeking companies to abandon China and come to Mexico…

112. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

Census ordered to stop counting…162,938 Americans dead of “flu”…Republican Senator Mitch McConnell smeared by U.S. Marine Officer…Illegal border crossers, cross, cross and cross again…Does Joe Biden hurt God like Trump says?…Intelligence manipulated to please Trump…Senator Ben Sasse on Trump’s Executive Orders — “unconstitutional slop”…Trump’s unqualified National Intelligence Director…Trump, deal-making genius, flops-doesn’t show up…Does anyone care what Trump says anymore?

111. The Contreras Report: BUSINESS MEXICO

Corruption at PEMEX…political hacks get diplomatic appointments…cartel leader busted…for 5th time Mexicans protest AMLO in 13 different cities…Mexico becomes third largest covid-19 blackhole of deaths behind USA and brazil…move to b an Airbnb…Mexican Supreme Court pops abortion balloon…Mexico enters 21st century with food labels like USA…PEMEX loses more billions…exports skyrocket in June…economy bottoms out in second quarter…AMLO announces pension reform…Mexico duplicates american social security system.

111. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

President Donald J. Trump…Fox’s Chris Wallace…Census Bureau ordered to noy count illegally present people…Mexican President Lopez Obrador ducks…China builds Marine forces…Continue reading >

110. The Contreras Report: BUSINESS MEXICO

Lopez Obrador visits Trump in WH…UNAM studies on “Extreme Poverty”…Coronavirus causes 1,000,000 formal JOB LOSSES…36,327 pandemic deaths…Mexican Supreme Court flexes muscles…Continue reading >

110. The Contreras Report: A HIspanic View of the USA

Tucker Carlson…Trump wants to sell Puerto Rico…Lopez Obrador comes to USA…Non-essential trips into US from Mexico continue restricted…China claims South China Sea…USA Navy disagrees…Huawei banned by BRITS…Continue reading >

109. The Contreras Report: A HIspanic View of the USA

Aircraft Carriers USS Reagan and Nimitz run circles around Chinese Communists…Vladimir Putin Russian Jokester-for-life…Russians pay Taliban to kill Americans, Trump calls news a HOAX… Continue reading >

109. The Contreras Report: BUSINESS MEXICO

Mexico elected to U.S. Security Council…USMCA Trade agreement starts…Lopez Obrador visits U.S…Lopez Obrador disapproval rates spike upward…President AMLO takes baby steps towards controlling elections… 

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108. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

Abraham Lincoln, Jamelle Bouie, Mississippi state Confederate flag dumped, State Department contradicts Armenian foreign agents,  EU bars Americans from Europe (maybe), CA Governor shuts LA Bars down, Arkansas Governor’s wise words…

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108. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

DACA, Dreamers, U.S. Supreme Court, Maya Train, Pemex, Lopez Obrador, Tourism, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Chicago, Interjet, Mexican poor, Covid-19, energy, tear gas, Mexican judge stops energy power grab, border crossing restrictions. Engage in the conversation >

107. The Contreras Report: A Hispanic View of the USA

Atlanta police shooting…Undocumented workers take jobs Americans don’t want…Michael Flynn to prison…U.S. Marines followed by Navy and Army in ditching Confederate flags…66% of Americans think racial discrimination is a real problem….Continue reading and engage >

107. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

Maya Train, Lopez Obrador and his conspiracy theories, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Industrial parks, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, George Floyd Death protest in Mexico City, Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, Guadalajara riot, corruption, Financial Intelligence Unit…Continue reading & engage >

106. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

Race riots in America (1-10), President Donald J. Trump, Revolt of the Generals, Lt. General Jame Mattis, Lt. Gen. John Kelly, Admiral Mike Mullin, Attorney General Barr, Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany, Lafayette Square, tear gas, Armenian protests,  D-Day, the Sixth of June, Germany, Rep. Liz Cheney, Senators Chuck Grassley, Sen. John Cornyn, Rep. Steve King defeated, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, Rep. Darrell Issa, 18,000 police departments in the USA, American troops in South Central L.A., National Guard, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Def. Secretary Esper contradicts President Trump, Pat Buchanan, David Limbaugh, American women dump President Trump by 19 points, Trump support drops among White Evangelicals, White Catholics elected Trump in 2016, are dumping him now…During protests outside White House, Secret Service hides the Trump family in White House underground bunker.

106. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

Beer is back, Mexican domestic car sales plunge due to lock down, April remittances down from Record March, April remittances down over 2019 but purchasing power is up 7.7% due to weakening peso, President Lopez Obrador opens construction MAYA TRAIN…Continue reading & engage >

105. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

Armenia, Adolf Hitler, Nazis, Azerbaijan, Washington D.C. riots, protests of death of George Floyd, Armenian archbishop, riots in La Mesa, CA, President Donald J. Trump, California governor Newsome, assasin Hampig Sassounian denied parole, John Kerry, Armenian National Committee of America, ANCA, ARF, Armenian Revolutionary Federation, The rip-off of American taxpayers, September 11, 2001, U.S. Marines enforce law in Los Angeles, Usual suspect riotous cities.

105. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

President Lopez Obrador…Manuel Bartlett…Enrique Camarena…Pemex…1st Quarter GDP contracion…Eight billion dollar Maya Train…Mexico designs and manufactures ventalators for coronavirus victims for thousands of dollars less…Cancun back on line…Seven Mexican governors unite to defeat Lopez Obrador/Bartlett sleazy takeover of all electrical generation in Mexico…”Blood will flow” say Mexican women if government shuts down their electricity…Pemex oil refineries 4th and 5th worst polluters in world…Mexican built cars exported to Azerbaijan…Lopez Obrador wants nation survey to measure “happiness” …American Department of Defense joins with American Legion Mexico City Post to feed needy…

104. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

American Birth Rates sets record lows…Disaster in the making…The Big Lie that immigrants keep Americans from working…Anti-mail-in ballot fanatics haven’t read the Constitution…President Trump has no authority to override Governors on church lockdowns…New Press secretary, smart, eductated Kaileigh McEneny is another Huckabee….Trump’s racist history throttled by Nixon/Ford Department of Justice in 1975.

104. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

President Lopez Obrador sneaking electrical generation into a government monopoly….45,000 Mexico City restaurants start to open….Border non-essential travel restriction extended until June 22….Cancun hotels told they can’t open on June 1….Mexican Lock down starts to be loosened….Car industry reopens.

103. The Contreras Report: A HISPANIC VIEW OF THE USA

  • Congress Steve King, Kevin McCarthy….HEROES Act, President Donald J. Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Thomas Homan….Republican women running for Congress….Mike Garcia wins Special election….Tom Tancredo….TIN numbers….Congressman Lanie Gooden….China, Huawei sanctions….Little Sisters of the Poor

103. The Contreras Report: BUSINESS MÉXICO

  • Energy production by private Mexican firms costs 85% less than government electricity generation
  • Maya Indians supported by court injunctions stop construction on $8.8 billion dollar “Maya Train” project of Mexican President
  • Presidents of U.S. and Mexico agree on New York Times being “famous” without “ethics.” Mexican President demands apology for Mexico being injured by Barack Obama’s Department of Justice
  • Trump blamed Mexican Carlos Slim — 10 to 20 times richer than trump, for conspiring with Clinton Foundation to keep Trump from winning Presidency
  • Mexican Carlos Slim owns 14% of New York Times
  • Trump claimed Slim ordered Trump smeared
  • American Legion Post in Mexico City feeds needy people during coronavirus emergency
  • American citizen governor of Baja California state, Mexico loses huge decision by Mexican Supreme Court

102. The Contreras Report: A Hispanic View of the USA, 10 May 2020

US Department of Education re-installs U.S. Constitution on College campuses….Black Man’s killing in GA….President Bush issues uplifting message to all about pandemic ravaging the country and is criticized by President Trump….Department of Justice breaks all precedent and lets Trump man Flynn go after he pleads guilty to federal charges….Dual citizenship – For or Against….Mexico does not pay to paint Trump’s wall/fence….Jimmy Kimmel insults Americans, twice….Chinese communists building 5G around the world.


500 Year old street open market closed for first time, where? Beer shortage in Mexico. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declines 1% in 2019, currently dropping 3,6%. March remittances from U.S. to Mexicans hit record of $4 billion. 100 border essential factories open to supply USA defense industry. National murder rate drops. Pemex loses $526 billion pesos in 1st Quarter. Maya Train contracts to let, billions of pesos. MX President joins President Trump in “stolen valor” taking credit for help to people — only ita illegal in Mexico.

101. THE CONTRERAS REPORT: A Hispanic View of the USA

111 MILLION HISPANIC AMERICANS, What? Hispanic high school drop outs practically disappear. TAXPAYER MONEY SUCKED up by BILLIONAIRES? LIFELONG REPUBLICAN Megan McCain voting for? Heavy Hitter Democrats buy $100 million in TV time for Senate Candidates but ignore incumbent Doug Jones.


  2. Private business group arranged a huge loan to help small and medium size businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. AMLO objects.
  3.  QUESTION: HAVING watched rich Mexicans fill airplanes from Mexico City and Guadalajara to Tijuana, who then fill limousines, SUV’s, chartered minivans to their hotels in San Diego like the Marriott, Hyatt, Intercontinental, etc. for years and then observed their shopping in the city’s super-expensive Neiman Marcus, what are they going to do now that Neiman Marcus is on the edge of bankruptcy?
  4. The horrible rip-off President Trump claims is the “worst ever” piece of trading crap that has allowed Mexican thieves to steal billions of dollars from the U.S. treasury is done, buried forever by Trump’s fabulous negotiating skills.

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I’m Raoul Lowery Contreras.

Let me explain the title; I am what some call a Hispanic American–Specifically, I am Mexican, I am American, thus I am a Mexican American. The word Mexican is an adjective here.


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Covering topics such as México economy, goods & services crossing the Méxican/US border, trade agreements, the business life, and interviews that will open your mind to new business possibilities.

This program is presented by Raoul Lowery-Contreras. He understands the business. Continue Reading >