Hi this is Raoul Lowery-Contreras,

In this episode, you will hear about the following topics:

  • Tucker Carlson
  • Trump wants to sell Puerto Rico
  • Lopez Obrador comes to the USA
  • Non-essential trips into the US from Mexico continue restricted
  • China claims the South China Sea
  • USA Navy disagrees
  • Huawei banned by BRITS
  • Trump wants to abolish OPM
  • Trumps wants complete control of civil service
  • Fisher Sand and Gravel builds shoddy wall yet gets $1.7 billion in Trump Wall contracts
  • 65,000 mail-in ballots not counted
  • Dr. Fauci attacked by White House
  • Roger Stone’s prison time commuted
  • Supreme Court of the United States slaps President Trump around
  • Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz punished by Chicoms

Thank you and until next time. The Contreras Report: A Hispanic View of the USA


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